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Gretchen Kaija is American, she was interested in Partnership Association          E.S.P.O.I.R. and that of Fanantenana A great summary of our actions.          Here is the link that allows you to view the film on You Tube.

The association E.S.P.O.I.R (HOPE in French) was created in April 2000 following various trips to Madagascar by its charter members, in order to structure and guarantee the durability of actions led individually. E.S.P.O.I.R mainly intervenes in Southern Madagascar with the collaboration of Malagasy association FANANTENANA (Hope in Malagasy). We have deployed this structure which allows concentrate and develop our main actions in Fort-Dauphin. Thus, we can give the embroideresses a nice place to work, receive the children from the neighbourhood who are not registered in school to prepare them to collective, educational and play activities, and have lunch there, and to others to get school support. It is a place where people meet and share which makes census possible, count families in difficulty and children without civil registration.

ESPOIR association lives upon your donations and annual subscriptions but also funds raised through meetings with people (fairs, exhibitions, annual party) and occasional aid from partners.

All the active association members are volunteers and make every effort to reduce as much as they can the running costs. Missions in the field are performed by members on their free time and their personal funds.

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Fort Dauphin (Tolagnaro)

We chose to intervene in this area which particularly underprivileged. Located in southern-east, its access is very difficult because of a bad road network and geographical isolation of the whole area.

Specialised magazines and reporting show with sumptuous pictures, the multiple appeals of a fabulous country. The red island with her beauty has reached those who travelled there. We were quite surprised about the serious economic situation and moved by the Malagasies whose look penetrates you and lightens at first sympathy sign in spite distress, starvation and disease.